June 3rd, 2023

Terra Gallery
511 Harrison Street
San Francisco, CA 94105


Celebrate Wild Wild Woof
a fundraising gala for
Muttville Senior Dog Rescue

Open bar and food trucks

Mainstage program

After party with drinks & dancing

Oreo Photo Cropped


Every day dogs in good health with wonderful personalities are euthanized. Why? Because they're older, and not considered adoptable. A dog is brought in because he can't jog with his guardian anymore. Or he needs a little time to get up the stairs. Or he’s simply not a puppy. In some cases, dogs are moved from loving homes to concrete cages because their guardians have died or simply can't care for them anymore.

We reach out to senior dogs at risk, give them the care they need, and find them loving forever homes. If we had our way, no dog would spend their last days in a shelter. There is so much love and joy in these dogs!

Muttville’s cage-free facility (first in the nation), foster program, on-site veterinary suite, and hospice program are innovations that have been lauded and emulated around the country. Muttville has received the highest ratings from both Guidestar and Charity Navigator, the leading nonprofit watchdog organizations.

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